You alone are responsible for choosing your own fate
Happiness, misery you live in your own hell
Shadows form consequence never feel regret
Life is full of wretchedness ugliness disease

Here it is your destiny bear your misfortune
Evilness suffering your plagued with misery
Everydays illusion you ll get what you deserve
One mans dignity measured by his past

I see right through your dying eyes Your trying to reform
Powerful ignorance
Reap now what you sow

Suffering in altered state Your living in eternal hell
Welcome to uncertain fate Waiting for the death you smell
Energy is never lost It really only changes form
This is now the common law The spirit now is transformed
Spirit transforms


Justify your suffering destiny unfolds

Body and senses are subdued in mind
Free from desires freedom no more
Attaining perfection my mind takes over
I see right through your dying eyes Your trying to reform
Powerful ignorance
Reap now what you sow


Until we meet again

I lie awake in In silence
I'm cold from loneliness
I take a deep breath I take a deep breath
Then I Then I pray
Will I ever see you again Somehow I always thought
Things would never change

Until we meet again

A new beginning once was But never will again
I dream and stare in the dark I'm cold in the night
I can feel you so close but Your so far away
I can feel you Breathing down
Down my neck
I wish you stayed away from me
The sadness fades happiness begins truth be told
what could have been

Until we meet again

I look up to the sky As the clouds roll by
I can see your face Your face is getting clearer
feel the chill There's a chill in the air
When you smile      Smile
Oh yeah then I cry I cry for you to come back
Please please please come back
Come back come back come back
Back to me

Until we meet again
I'll see you in hell my friend
Until we meet again


Patience is lost And wearing thin

I am losing always have been

From life I have always fled

Can't trust myself Have no feelings

Captured the pain within You are your only sin

Nowhere to run or hide You will be dead

Your mine

It's just a tale you live

Now it is time to give

Ask and you will receive

The ugly part of me

Locked in this rancid cage

My thoughts are filled with rage

Now it is time for death

Inhale your final breath



I'm trying
Trying to explain
That the wounds
The wounds have not healed
That the scars
The scars run to too deep
They are nothing compared
To the welts
On my

But the
story hasn't changed
Look back
Back inside my heart
There is nothing
Nothing but a hole
There is nothing but
A hole


Nothing but a hole

Your pulling me closer
I'm pushing you away
Magnetic reaction
I cannot pull away
Your feeding my addiction
Your feeding my disease
I feel the realm
Subliminal need

Desire Is growing
Stronger than before
Desire I'm needing
Stronger than before
Who's making the decisions
Who's making this so hard
Who's making the decisions
Let me die alone

Silence has ripped us apart

Let me die alone




My My heart be still
heaviness sets in time slips away
Strength strength to carry on
My fight within fight that cant be won

Deadly Haunting visions of a man
The man who chose
I chose To be the one
Darkened Thoughts Creeping deep into my soul
Harboring the demons that reside inside my mind

Lost hope to find myself And not to rot away
My Body 's just a shell
hope hope to find the path path that leads the way
The path to carry on

Breeding paranoia circles through my brain
Can't control my thoughts think I've finally gone insane
I try to ask myself whats the poison in my mind.
One true test of fate falling through the hands of time

cries dead of the night sadness remains
pain I can't deny
Stand face to face With the wall of pride
Here i stand
The shadow of a man